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Charles Horton Cooley Award for Scholarly Contributions to Sociology

Past award winners:
1993: Larry T. Reynolds, Central Michigan University
1994: Peter K. Manning, Michigan State University
1995: James McKee, Michigan State University
1996: Bernard Meltzer, Central Michigan University
1997: Donald I. Warren, Oakland University
1998: Jay Weinstein, Eastern Michigan University
1999: John and Ruth Useem, Michigan State University
2000: Gerald Markle, Western Michigan University
2001: T. R. Young, Red Feather Institute
2002: Ronald and Deborah Freedman, University of Michigan
2003: Ron Westrum, Eastern Michigan University
2004: Nancy Herman-Kinney, Central Michigan University
2005: Reynolds Farley, University of Michigan
2006: Robert G. Newby, Central Michigan University
2007: Steven J. Gold, Michigan State University
2008: Brigitte H. Bechtold, Central Michigan University
2009: Mary de Young, Grand Valley State University
2010: Anne Rawls, Bentley College
2011: Larry L. Tifft, Central Michigan University
2012: Alford Young, Jr., University of Michigan
2013: Maxine Baca Zinn, Michigan State University
2014: Howard Zimeldorf, University of Michigan
2015: Dorceta E. Taylor, University of Michigan
​2016: Mark S. Mizruchi, University of Michigan

2018: Clifford Broman, Michigan State University

2019: Christine Ajrouch, Eastern Michigan University

2020: No award given.

2021: Raymond Jussaume, Michigan State University

2022 Joel Stillerman, Grand Valley State University

2023 Janet Hankin, Wayne State University

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