Submit A Manuscript

Manuscripts should:

  • Be submitted to the Editor as an e-mail attachment in document format (.doc or .rtf not .pdf)

  • Be limited to thirty pages, double-spaced, including references.  

  • Endnotes and citations should be consistent with the American Sociological Association format.  


To facilitate academic review and production, the author(s) must sanitize their manuscripts to include only the title, without identification of the author(s).  A second file with author(s) contact information (including name, address, phone number, current position/title, and name of universities), author(s) biography and author(s) acknowledgements must also be submitted.

Ethics and Permissions:
Any material submitted for consideration should not have been published previously (in their current or a substantially similar form) nor should the material be under consideration with another journal.

Prior to article submission, author(s) should ensure that they have permission to use any content that has not been created by them. 

Review process:
Each paper is reviewed by the editor and, if it is judged appropriate for this publication, it is sent to at least two (usually three) independent reviewers for double blind peer review. Based on their recommendation the editors then decide to 1) accept the manuscipt as is, 2) return the manuscript to the author(s) for revisions, or 3) reject the manuscript.

Final submission:
Please be aware that proofs will not be available to review prior to publication. The author(s) should therefore ensure that upon acceptance the final version sent to the editor is complete and without errors.

(The above are based on the Author Guidelines created by Emerald Group Publishing -

Please submit your paper via email:
Brigitte H. Bechtold -

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