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Marvin Olsen Award for Distinguished Service to Sociology in Michigan and/or the MSA

Past award winners:

1994    Ali Akbar Mahdi, Michigan State University

1995    William Whit, Aquinas College

1996    Richard Ball, Ferris State University

1997    Nany Herman, Central Michigan University

1998    Alan Hill, Delta College

1999    Roger Nemeth, Hope College

2000    Harry Perlstadt, Michigan State University

2001    Jay Weinstein, Eastern Michigan University

2002    Betsy Cullum-Swan, Michigan State University

2003    Mary Kay Sengstock, Wayne State University

2004    E. Michele Whitaker, Delta College

2005    Ruth Hamilton, Michigan State University

2006    Thomas Van Valey, Western Michigan University

2007    David Kinney, Central Michigan University

2008    Larry T. Reynolds, Central Michigan University

2009    Joseph Verschaeve, Grand Valley State University

2010    Karen Lang Krause, Saginaw Valley State University

2011    Rudolf J. Siebert, Western Michigan University

2012    Donna Giuliani, Delta College

2013    Monica White, University of Wisconsin
2014    Lisa Hickman, Grand Valley State University

2015    Dawn Hinton, Saginaw Valley State University

2016    Nicholas Budimir, Muskegon Community College

2017    Cheryl Boudreaux, Grand Valley State University

2018    Kalvin Harvel, Henry Ford Community College

2019    Brigitte H. Bechtold, Central Michigan University

2020    No award given.

2021    Cedric Taylor, Central Michigan University

            Jessica Chemberlin, Mid Michigan Community College

2022    Mary Center, Central Michigan University

2023    Michael Macaluso, Grand Valley State University 

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